The 2023 IAPWS Annual Meeting

Turin (Italy), 3-8 September 2023

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2023 Annual Meeting Preliminary Programme download (30 August 2023 updates)

2023 Symposium Programme download (30 August 2023 updates)
2023 Symposium Abstracts download(30 August 2023)

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IAPWS is an international non-profit association of national organizations concerned with the properties of water and steam, particularly thermophysical properties, cycle chemistry guidelines, and other aspects of high-temperature steam, water and aqueous mixtures relevant to thermal power cycles and other industrial and scientific applications. IAPWS objectives are:

  • To provide internationally accepted formulations for the properties of light and heavy steam, water and selected aqueous solutions for scientific and industrial applications. (Official documentation of these formulations is under the Releases and Guidelines section of this website);
  • To provide technical guidance, obtained by international consensus of experts, on cycle chemistry and technology for steam power cycles in fossil and combined cycle plants and other industrial applications. (These are expressed in IAPWS Technical Guidance Documents);
  • To define research needs and promote and coordinate research on steam, water and selected aqueous systems important in thermal power cycles;
  • To collect and evaluate the resulting data, and to communicate and promulgate the findings
  • To provide an international forum for exchange of experiences, ideas and results of research on high-temperature aqueous media.

For more information on the association, please, visit IAPWS website